“Sailor Mars- Flame Sniper” Remake- set to “Flame Sniper” by Tomizawa Michie

Soooo I have Rei’s entry for Jet Wolf’s contest, and it’s a remake of an old AMV!

My AMV to “Flame Sniper”, Sailor Mars’ image song by her voice actress Tomizawa Michie. 

The Flame Sniper AMV was one of my earliest and most popular, but it’s very old work and I’ve been thinking about remaking it for a while.

Back in the day, I did not have access to all the Sailor Moon episodes and had to make do with what I was able to get off Veoh, and even work around subtitles constantly. Now I have high quality raw footage, so I was able to include more stuff and edit better. 

(In the old video, I kinda attempted to show different “sides” of Rei, but dumped all that at the end so it just looked like I ran out of clips (which I had in some cases). I fixed that with this video, making is purely about battling and protecting. I also got rid of most of the footage repetition the old video had and tried to make it more of a complete summary of Rei’s biggest fights.)

 I kept some parts of the video intact, so the footage quality does still vary a little.  

(I actually kept a lot less intact than I thought I would and descended into THE TIMING MUST BE PERFECT obsession as I always do…and thus spent way more time on this than I intended).

But anyway, I think Rei’s badassery is on display pretty well in this! 


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