[Reddit thread comments.

Forgive my ignorance. What is the difference between being poor and white and poor and black in America?

I can chime in here as a white person who grew up in a poor area that was primarily black.

The main advantage was that when it came to school, I was treated much better by the (primarily white) teachers. I did my fair share of stupid shit but compared to my black friends, I was always given more leeway and teachers went out of their way to accommodate me in hopes that I’d “make it”. It was never anything huge, but the effects were pretty obvious to everyone, including my friends. I was always brought up as a candidate for special field trips or after school programs that really helped me make it out.

When I was acting like a shithead, I would be called in, told I was “better than that”, and sent back to clas. My best friends would do the same thing and get suspended, written up etc. It was easier for me (and I think white people overall) to get into accelerated track (although I do need to track down a source) which made it much easier to get the college-prep education I needed to move on.

In other areas of life, it also affected my family and I. We would routinely carpool with our neighbor to the grocery store, and the looks we got using food stamps and the looks they (being black) got were very different. My dad was never pulled over randomly while driving through our own neighborhood, and I was never stopped randomly by cops while walking. These things have happened to black family friends of ours, resulting in some of my friends getting in legal trouble for having weed on them. Might it have been random chance? Maybe. But it’s more likely that they saw a white kid and just didn’t have the subconscious connection to the idea that I was a criminal.

I can’t say that being white completely changed my life, but being poor and white was much easier than being poor and black, at least in my case. And not all of these things can be 100% confirmed as due to race. But in my honest experience, it more than likely was.

Just to add to this, and not meant to be negative towards you at all, but I think it’s funny that no one believes racism is real until a white person talks about it. If a black person said this, they’re be whining and “blaming white people for their problems.” How funny that you can’t even talk about your own life experiences without being treated like you’re lazy and a liar. Racism is so pervasive.]

I was on Reddit and found a couple comments on how our skin color makes it more difficult for us than others in the exact same situation.

The third and last comment really is definitely true as well

I want all of my white followers to read this very carefully. Racism is more than just screaming epithets and shouting ‘white power’ at people.

Read this and digest it. Process this fucking information. I don’t care if you ‘get it’ or not. Just read this shit.


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