of course, the irony about this cartoon – which I assume is meant to demonstrate shallow selfie culture desecrating the great classics – is that among other things a) hamlet is a disaffected young man suffering from depression and, frankly, deeply self-absorbed and b) the entire play is obsessed with the idea of performance and performativity and so absolutely hamlet taking selfies would be in the spirit of the original because a selfie is a new way of constructing the self through images

so what I’m saying is: fuck off culture snobs I’m coming for you

Yeah, my first thought was definitely “huh. That would make for a pretty good adaptation.”

absolutely. I can’t think of anything more in character for Hamlet than filling his snapchat with selfies taken in super-moody lighting with weird angsty captions about the peace of the grave, and no one can decide whether he’s losing his grip or if he’s a master of subtweeting

An adaptation of Hamlet told entirely through Hamlet’s SnapChats.

Yes, and there’s another way the artist ends up revealing their own shallow ignorance of the play here. In this scene, Hamlet is out walking with a friend, finds the old jester’s grave being dug up, then jumps in his grave, grabs his skull, and basically starts talking about himself. There’s a certain irony in this scene(though maybe this is an anachronistic reading of it) because it’s Hamlet waxing all philosophical and poetic and “deep” about death, while 1)completely disrespecting the body of his supposed “friend”, Yorik, 2)arrogantly, shallowly, making Yorik’s death all about himself and his situation while 3)lamenting human vanity and the shortness of life/pointlessness of ambition.

So again, YES, Hamlet would TOTALLY take a selfie with Yorik’s skull for all these reasons, but also cause Hamlet’s the sort of self-indulgent, self-involved creep who wouldn’t understand the essential violation, disrespect, and callousness in using another person’s corpse as a prop for his own vanity, which is precisely what he’s doing in that scene.


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