Hey y’all, here’s a silly animatic I just finished.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine ft. Ace Attorney






I’ve been gone! This is where! From now until March I’m trying to complete one story sequence a week. Some are mine, others (like this) are stories I love and want a shot at re-imagining.


1. The frosty setting is more symbolic than historically accurate–Hamilton and Burr dueled in July.

2. My goal was to finish the boards in a week. It took five days! My speed is improving.

3. When there is a Hamilton movie, it shouldn’t look anything like this. Just wanted to stretch my imagination a little.The best presentation for this monologue is one actor under a spotlight in a dark theater. @linmanuel @leslieodomjr hope you don’t mind the creative liberties. Your performances on the soundtrack are outstanding!


That was flawless and HEART-WRENCHING.