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Brooklyn Nine-Nine ft. Ace Attorney





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sometimes i think about the fact that Dreamworks was working on the Prince of Egypt and Shrek at the same time and would apparently send people to work on Shrek instead of the Prince of Egypt as a form of punishment 

the night i posted this i couldn’t find a source and i’ve been wondering ever since if maybe it was just some kind of fucked up fever dream or something. but no, it’s real:

“Infinity Train seems to have hit a chord with a lot of people”


This year animated series suffered many
cancelations or ending announcements. But on the brightside, the future seems
promising after Cartoon Network released the successful minisode Infinity Train. With more
than 800.000 visits, its creator Owen Dennis told how he made it.

Infinity Train is an eight-minute
short about a 12-year-old girl named Tulip, who looks for the exit of a train
where she’s trapped. She is with a robot with double personality named One-One
and an adorable corgi named Atticus. There is also an antagonist who is a
giant, robotic mask named Steward.

This was thought and made by Owen
Dennis, storyboarder of Cartoon Network’s Regular Show. He pitched
Infinity Train’s in 2013. The pilot was finished in March 2016 and then
released in November.

How do you feel after knowing Infinity
Train get so many views and good impressions? What was your reaction when it
hit 10.000 views?

Owen Dennis: It’s mostly gratitude. Like I expected after a week or
two to maybe have 50k views, definitely not almost 800,000! I was thinking I
was just making some weird sci-fi thing that only a few people would be into,
but Infinity Train seems to have hit a chord with a lot of people and that’s
really gratifying. It’s hard when you make a pilot because so much of it is
based on your internal compass of what works and what doesn’t, so when people
respond so well and agree with you so strongly on what works, you just feel a
strong sense of relief.


it is known you play synthesizers, did you have influence on the pilot’s music?

I basically am able to control as
much or as little of the production as I want. When you’re the short creator,
they want you to be able to fulfill your vision as thoroughly as possible. It’s
all sort of a test on how well you’d be as a show runner.

Being that I do make music
myself, alias Galactaron, it was suggested to me that I make the music for my
pilot. I wanted to, but I knew that this was something where I should be
learning to give up certain aspects of production to other people. I wanted to
learn how to guide other people toward my vision, and if the show was picked
up, I definitely wouldn’t have the time to make all the music myself.

I saw Chrome Canyon perform a
live score of Metropolis a few years ago, I picked up his album, and I
absolutely loved it. His music is like the music I always aspired to make! So I
asked if he would make the music for my pilot, he agreed, and we got along
great! Since we have such similar tastes, I could sit there and rattle of
various influences and even specific things to do within a synthesizer (like
changing certain waveforms or oscillators or whatever) and he knew exactly what
I was talking about.

So yeah, he’s awesome! I suggest
listening to his album “Elemental Themes”. It’s one of my favorite albums!

What’s the next step?
Do you think social media reaction would have an impact on executives’ decision
of greenlighting?

My next step it to sit around and
wait and see what happens. I know that it can’t hurt that people keep watching
it and sharing it from the original source. It’s hard to ignore big numbers!

Since you’ve said before Atticus is inspired on your childhood’s corgi,
did it feel uncomfortable when it was picked up?

YES. He hated it. Corgis hate
being picked up. They have big egos and want to be in control.


About Regular Show’s last season, which is your favorite moment of this
season by now (up to The Ice Tape)?

I’m really proud of my Space
stuff and the moment when Mordecai and Rigby are hanging out in
the space dock in the first episode and trying to figure out what’s happening
with their lives. I also really like every interaction that happens with the
praying mantis aliens and the Scooby Doo stuff in The Dream Warrior. That is
funny stuff!


you go to the NASA’s JPL as JG said in an interview? If you did could
you tell that experience and how did it influence space arc?

I didn’t. That was just JG and a couple other people. I would’ve killed to go. KILLED. KILLED ANYONE!

Thanks to @oweeeeendennis for taking his time on this
interview. And watch Infinity Train so CN picks it up as soon as possible!

Hay una versión en Español de esta entrevista en http://www.bardomag.com/single-post/2016/11/22/El-Tren-Infinito


My pilot for Cartoon Network was just released! It’s called Infinity Train. It’s about a girl, her robot, and a corgi king. It took us about a year to make and I really hope you like it. Thank you to everyone who made this possible, I wouldn’t have been able to make this without the support of so many wonderful people!