Hey y’all, here’s a silly animatic I just finished.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine ft. Ace Attorney



performance reviews


edgeworth: alright, everyone, i’ve left your bi-annual performance reviews on your desk in unmarked envelopes. please feel free to view them at your own discretion.

godot: uh, boss? what do these even mean?

edgeworth: i have noticed in the past that none of you seem to particularly take my input to heart. the only time any of you have ever listened to my recommendations is when franziska stopped eating her lunches on top of my car.

franziska, on confessional cam: it was only because the climb up was getting to be too much effort.

edgeworth: so ive taken a more progressive approach and made my recommendations a bit more vague and specialized. you’re all smart, you can do the brain work needed to figure out what i want from you.

klavier: mine just says ‘tomatoes are the fruits of the soul.’

edgeworth: think about it. you’ll get it.

klavier: (stares at the paper) (picks up a philosophy textbook from his desk) finally.

edgeworth, on confessional cam: i used a random word generator and just handed out what i got. i’m not wasting my time trying to rein them in anymore. besides, that’s how simon talks most of the time anyway.

simon, on confessional cam: this is the most comprehensive performance review i’ve ever gotten and i really appreciate it.